“Old age isn’t a battle; old age is a massacre.” Philip Roth

Santana is the primary exponent of Latin-tinged rock, particularly due to its combination of Latin percussion (congas, timbales, etc.) with bandleader Carlos Santana’s distinctive, high-pitched lead guitar playing.

 Active: 1960s – 2010s – Formed: 1966 in San Francisco, CA – Genres: Pop/Rock – Jazz – Styles: Album Rock – Blues-Rock – Fusion – Hard Rock – Latin Rock – Psychedelic/Garage – Contemporary Pop/Rock – Jazz-Rock

Santana – 1969

Abraxas – 1970

“Old age is like an opium-dream. Nothing seems real except what is unreal.”– Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Santana III – 1971

“As one grows older becomes wiser and more foolish” – François de La Rochefoucauld


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